Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kari Kepala Kambing.

And g'day mate ! How ayuu doin' ?

*someone. is. coming.*

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ada. 
It has been a while aite ? 
Missing me ? 


*ctrl c ctrl v*
It has been a while aite ?

*idea. loooooooooooading*

I'm here. Sitting here. On a chair. In front of the dining table. With this "blue-yellow-blue-yellow, petak-petak" table clothe. On the dining table, there's a bottle of aloe vera juice with the aloe pieces. And sitting right next to me, no one. Roughly, 2 meters away to the North-East, someone's watching Eye Shield 21. 4.3m to the South, someone's busy snoring.

In short, I'm in Australia. 14 weeks since the day I departed from the prestigious KL Inernational Airport. Enrolling here in Curtin University, architecture student. Degree. Studio A1. Level 7. With three units.

Untuk mak, ayah, abang, nenek, makcik, pakcik, sepupu, dua pupu:
Saya masih sihat. Alhamdulillah. Comel lagi.

*hargai tangisan seorang lelaki*

Met new friends. Old seniors. New house. Shared room. Shared toilet bowl. My own shaver.

I'm enjoying my time here. Aussie people is warm wacakapsamaluuuuu.

Sometimes I miss home. Malaysia. Masakan mak, specifically.
Berat turun 3kg. Siang malam kunyah chocolate chips.

K. Tipu.
Kenkadang makan pancakes dengan vanilla ice cream.
Tak pun hot caramel chocolate.
Takpun dark chocolate frappe.
Takpun crispy chicken with rice.
Takpun croissant with chicken and cheese.
Tapi. Tak pernah lagi makan kari kepala kambing.
I miss malaysia. 

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