Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Baru, baru jugak. cc : jangan jadi barua.

Assalamualaikum and a very good day for all readers.
Yeah, it has been a quite "empty" blog lately. Sorry for that. :)

Not to mention, Happy New Year for all of you. If it's not too late. Hahah.
2010. Would you survive until 2013 ? Only God knows. :)

And my new chapter of my life had begun. Australian Matriculation, for those who's dreaming to pursue his study in Aussie. Good luck to me. Hahah.

Di mana hamba ? Di mana ?
"Stop posting your old time picture, bro !"
Hahah. Relax just reminiscing old memories. As I'm 19 now. Old enough to have a kid right.

 " There's a photoshop. There's autotune. There's plastic surgery. Too bad there's nothing for your ugly personality. "

Being yourself is much more precious then trying to be others. People love with who you are, not who you wanna be. Faking yourself doesn't make you look sexier ! Hahah.

Wait. You're going very far astray boy. All the mere words above have nothing to relate to the post title. Hahahahahhahahahah.

" Cukup lah azam yang baru. Kau tak payah sibuk nak jadi barua. " - friend of mine.

Last, Happy New Year. 
Live your life as there's no tomorrow.

Peace yo !

leg note : Hamba belum pernah tengok Ombak Rindu. Tapi karaoke lagu dia selalu. Hahah. LAME !

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