Friday, 18 November 2011


Assalamualaikum and slam sejahtera uolllsss !
*alamak gedik.dush.dush.dush*

Hamba wanna seek your forgiveness for not updating this blog quite a while. Hahah. Busy with those freaky exams this week. Hopefully, it's alright then. Frankly, hamba got few times to update plus a blank mind to search for the ideas.
*speaking. amekawww ! hahah*

Masihkan anda ingat post fasal 15.11 ?

Supposed to be, three days ago. Hahah.

So, this is it.

Are you ready ?

Get set.

Go !

How is it ?
Good or bad.
Neither both ?
Hahah. It is up to your ears to judge it.

Up to date. 
1,410,379 views. 21,776 likes. And most important 44,564 dislikes.

For hamba, it is not that bad. There's improvement. Great job Rebecca. Keep on making new videos !
*sarcastic enough ? huh*

Despite her so-so singing, she got CUTE face though. Hahah. :p

Peace yo !

  • p/s ; the guy in the video is  Alex Constancio -.-" *kejadahnya bagi tau.hahah*

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