Sunday, 31 July 2011

youTUBE sensations.!

Today is Sunday. Gila2 boring lah. YouTube! YouTube! YouTube! Hahaha~ Watching all the videos of people trying to cover popular songs with their on rendition. 

Girls/Boys from nowhere try to make their own sensation by uploading their videos on the YouTube!! Quite interesting!!! Surely comments, people wouldn't stop comparing them with the 'pro-original' singer!! At some part they are even better than the original singers. Ooopss!! Watch them showing us their talent in the YouTube, hamba wondering...can hamba upload one video of mine singing 'Aerosmith -Dream On'?? Hahaha~

Greyson Chance's covering Paparazzi(Lady Gaga)
41795086 views/257827 likes 

Sam Tsui's making a medley for "King of Pop"
27080380 views/108013 likes 

Little girl, Maddi Jane's covering Price Tag originally by Jessie J
24312885 views/154496 likes

Maria Aragon sings Lady Gaga hits, Born This Way
38961748 views/414793 likes

Look At Me Now, genuinely by Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne (cover by @KarminMusic)
31647549 views/ 255225 likes

"Dream On,
 Dream On,
 Dream On, 
Dream Until Your Dreams Come True"

Cover of Dream On (Aerosmith) by Hamba~~

Hopefully all of you loves this post. Do write a comment for which covers do you like the most..

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